Rubik’s Code is Data Science and Software Development consulting company with more than 10 years of experience in AI and software development.

What we do, primarily, is combining data science and software development, and placing them under one ‘outsourcing roof’, ie. providing them as a service. Our main goal is to close the ‘Business – Data – Software’ circle. We look at that from the following angle: business creates a lot of data, which we can analyze and, based off of those findings, suggest a data-driven solution (AI/ML/DL), software development solution, or combination of these two. To sum it up, we have learned how to gather data from the business and use it to create great software products.

On this path, we are able to cover all steps from analyzing the data and building machine learning and AI models to developing custom-tailored enterprise solution that will utilize them. Our outsourcing services provide the following:

  • Analysis of business problems and data
  • A suggestion of the solution
  • Development of AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning models
  • Development of web/software applications
  • Integration of the model and web/software application

There are a few reasons why we decided to structure our business like this: First one is that AI and Data Science are ‘buzz words of today’, and in a year or two, there will be significant growth in the usage of these solutions. Big companies in Silicon Valley have understood, a long time ago, the value of data, and we do expect that the rest of the world will follow shortly. 

Areas, where AI is being involved, are in constant growth. Currently, AI is being used in the financial sector (fin-tech), supply chain and sales organizations. However, we can also see the upcoming projects in healthcare, and even from the legal departments. Globally, companies expect a $1.23 ROI in the next three years for every dollar invested in the AI today, $1.99 ROI in the next five years and $2.87 in ROI over the next 10 years

Although all of this is a big excitement of today, we do know that not all of the challenges can be solved with this approach. We are still far away from generalized AI solutions (AGI) and we do believe that standard web and software development will still be needed. Apart from that, we do recognize that, in the near future, there will be a need for integration of these models within standard web and software applications.

We’ve been around for a while, we know how to solve this puzzle!

Some of our happy clients

If you want to find out more contact us via n.zivkovic@rubikscode.net, m.djapic@rubikscode.net or via the contact page.

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