Deep Learning for Programmers




Learn how to utilize your software development skills for deep learning.

  • Learn just enough math to be dangerous.
  • Get familiar with Python and TensorFlow
  • Use familiar paradigms like Object Oriented Programming to understand the main Deep Learning concepts
  • Explore and implement 12 neural network architectures
  • Solve various real-world problems with neural networks
  • Learn how to generate images with neural networks


Throughout this book, you will have a chance to find out why you should care about this field at all, and where it comes from. Also, you will be able to learn just enough math and machine learning basics to make you dangerous and ready for the vast universe of neural networks. Then, after the nitty-gritty details about how these systems function, you will get familiar with various architectures and problems that they are able to solve. From simple classification and regression problems to processing images and language (NLP). From means to create recommendations and fraud detection systems to the generators of images. In a nutshell, we aimed to create a concrete starting point for software developers that want to get into the field.