Machine Learning with ML.NET – Solving Real-World Regression Problem (Bike Sharing Demands)

Using ML.NET – Introduction to Machine Learning and ML.NET

Code that accompanies this article can be downloaded here. Last month, at their Build event, Microsoft shared with us plans for .NET Core 3. Wile the accent was the transformation of desktop applications and support for Windows Forms and WPF, ML.NET – a...
Asynchronous Programming in .NET – Benefits and Tradeoffs of Using ValueTask

Asynchronous Programming in .NET – Motivation and Unit Testing

It has been a long time since .NET version 4.5 was released. To refresh our memory, that happened on August 15th, 2012. Yes, six years ago. Feel old yet? Well, it was not my intention to bum you out but to remind you about some of the highlights of .NET release. One...
Implementing and testing Repository Pattern using Entity Framework

Implementing and testing Repository Pattern using Entity Framework

There are many blog posts and misconceptions about Repository Pattern, especially since the introduction of the OR/M libraries, like Entity Framework. In this article, we will investigate why this pattern is still useful, what are the benefits of using it and how we...
Deep Learning for ProgrammersLearn how to use software development experience to become deep learning superstar!
  • Why should you care about deep learning?
  • Learn just enough math to be dangerous.
  • Get familiar with Python and TensorFlow.
  • Use familiar paradigms like Object Oriented Programming to understand main Deep Learning concepts.
  • Explore and implement 12 neural network architectures.
  • Solve various real-world problems with neural networks.
  • Learn how to generate images with neural networks.