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What We Do

Rubik’s Code is a boutique data science and software service company with more than 10 years of experience in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Software development. For more than a decade we provide cutting edge solutions to various industries, including healthcare, pharma, finance and supply chain. What we do, primarily, is combining data science and software development and placing them under one ‘outsourcing umbrella’, i.e. providing them as a service. Our main goal is to close the ‘Business – Data – Software’ circle. We look at that from the following angle: business creates a lot of data, which we can analyze and, based off of those findings, develop a data-driven solution (Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Reinforcement  Learning), web application, or combination of these two. On this path, we are able to cover all steps from analyzing the data and building machine learning and AI models to developing custom-tailored enterprise solution that will utilize them. To sum it up, we have learned how to gather data from the business and use it to create great software products.


Our Values

Embed Simplicity

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We value our craft and we value our clients. Our team takes special pride in always bringing the best solution to the table and we always measure the quality of your service through customer satisfaction.

Discipline is Freedom

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We believe that doing the best possible job is part of the gig that we call life. We aim to live by certain rules. This reflects not just in the quality of our services and products, but in the quality of teamwork, interpersonal relations and working conditions.

Extreme Ownership

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Our client’s goals are inseparable from our goals, and we take special care in delivering high-quality solutions on time. We don’t make excuses. We take responsibility.


Why choose us

There are thousands of companies to choose from. Finding one you can trust and build a long term relationship with is not an easy task. Here are just some of the reasons why choosing Rubik’s Code is the best decision for your company.

Our data scientists and software developers are highly skilled and able to take on any task. In fact, we have an amazing blog section and a book to prove that. However, that is only a fraction of the reasons why you should pick us.

We take great care in soft skills as well. Establishing good communication and relationship with our clients is a must. We have the patience to hear out all your needs and to tailor a solution that is right for you.

Contact us and find out why it is so amazing to work with us!

Experienced and diverse team

Well organized development process

Agile approach and flexibility

Analysis of the domain and attention to details

Affordable price

Team that is able to deliver constant growth