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How do Artificial Neural Networks learn?

In the previous blog posts, we covered some very interesting topics regarding Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The basic structure of Artificial Neural Networks was presented, as well as some of the most commonly used activation functions. Nevertheless, we still haven’t mentioned the most important aspect of the Artificial Neural Networks - learning. The biggest power of these… Continue reading How do Artificial Neural Networks learn?


Common Neural Network Activation Functions

In the previous article, I was talking about what Neural Networks are and how they are trying to imitate biological neural system. Also, the structure of the neuron, smallest building unit of these networks, was presented. Neurons have this simple structure, and one might say that they alone are useless. Nevertheless, when they are connected with… Continue reading Common Neural Network Activation Functions


How to use Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations to Become Better Software Craftsman

Good software developers are, in general, people with many qualities. When talking about a good software developer one would usually use such adjectives as intelligent, hard-working, responsible and so on. What would be the biggest quality that these people have? For me, one of the best characteristics of a good software developer (software craftsman) is self-motivation.

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Serverless and Playing Around With MongoDB Atlas

Serverless is quite a buzz word this year, isn't it? It's a shiny new term that caused many debates and even conflicts among developers. In fact, at the moment you are reading this (assuming in 2017.) there are developers somewhere in the worlds, talking about serverless architecture, its benefits, and pitfalls.