Artificial intelligence (AI), nowadays, has been a part of the major technological advancements. And with AI growing stronger and more advanced in this day and age, there’s no better place to share this technological miracle with like-minded users than Instagram.

With a bastion of ideas, photos, videos, etc., Instagram is a wonderful place to share the glories of the technological wonder that is AI. With targeted advertisements and traffic, ad creator, AI capabilities, and easily trackable insights on desktop or mobile, Instagram is the place to be.

Are you afraid that AI might take your job? Make sure you are the one who is building it.


With countless accounts on Instagram that cater to the technology crowd – the AI enthusiasts, specifically – this article will look at 10 of the best Instagrammers for anyone interested in AI. So, if you haven’t already, check out these 10 top-rated accounts that provided the latest tech news, talk about other things that are similar to AI, and showcase related accounts.

1. GitHub

As you are probably aware, GitHub is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git. Mostly used for computer code, GitHub offers users all the distributed version control and source code management functionality, as well as adding other features to it. So, when you follow them on Instagram, they’re more than happy to post about coding, as well as other advancements in technology, including AI. Follow them at @github.

2. Nvidia AI

As AI continues to infiltrate virtually almost every industry we know, Nvidia AI (@nvidiaai) – an up-and-coming Instagram page – strives to solve real-world problems with this technology. And, it strives to shape the future, while making technology look and sound a lot more fun. Featuring aspiring quotes and stories from top data scientists and AI experts worldwide, @nvidiaai gives you the latest news on the technology industry and talks about devices, software, apps, and another tech.

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3. Made With Code

Who said that the tech industry is a man’s world? Try telling that to the large number of women going into the field nowadays! To keep this trend going, @madewithcode is here to bring modern thinking to the tech world. Despite having only 20% of all tech jobs worldwide being held by women, this Instagram account celebrates the advancements in AI and technology that were worked on and or conceived by women. This account is meant to encourage women in technology to keep doing what they’re doing, as well as attract more females to join the industry. With an upbeat, beautiful design, and aimed at young minds, Made with Code has teamed up with Teen Vogue as a way to cater to high school and college-aged females who might be interested in a tech career.

4. Tech By Guff

@techbyguff currently garners more than 314,000 followers on Instagram. A leader in technological social stuff, Guff’s Instagram account has where you can follow a link to their publication website, which has countless articles on any tech subject imaginable, including AI. (By the way, AI is one of the biggest topics on their site)

On their account, Guff gives you scientific tidbits in the form of a captioned photo. Plus, they share news reports and stories using a relevant image with a text overlay explaining something new and exciting going on in today’s day and age. Regardless if you check out the photos, or go over to their website, @techbyguff has much AI and tech talk to offer.

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5. Talk WiD Tech

Talk WiD Tech was founded as a way to simplify tech topics for both tech fans, as well as people who at least have a casual interest in anything technology. Therefore, their goals on Instagram is to not only continue that fascination and expertise, but to also send users to their popular publication site full of handy articles that contain how-tos, showcases, interviews, and news reports to keep their finger on the pulse of technology.

Other than that, their Instagram account is their main draw on the Internet and social media, as they feature videos and photos of cutting-edge technology, scientific phenomena, experiments, and discoveries. 

6. Data Enthusiast

This Instagram account focuses on anything and everything coding. In addition, users will also learn about Python, datasets, R, data analytics, machine learning, AI, and many more coding programs. So, if you’re an AI enthusiast, and want to learn more about coding, and what AI can do for the future of technology, then look for @data_enthusiast on Instagram, and check out their amazing content.

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7. Ronald Van Loon

Although his Instagram only has at least 7,000 followers, Ronald van Loon has continued to offer amazing content concerning AI and technology. As so, the number of followers that he had has been steadily growing, since he caters to the tech crowd. His insight on technology is what keeps people coming back to his Instagram. In fact, his main goals are to do the following: 

  • Help companies utilize data science
  • Help people understand the Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Explains what big data entails
  • Explains how AI can maximize success in any industry

Along with this, he shares and discusses the latest news on technology, as well as showcases the professionals that he would interview to discuss the topic.

8. Futurism

This Instagram account stresses that technology is the future. With over 1.1 million followers to date, Futurism is your go-to place for seeing and reading up on the latest news in technological, scientific, and computer intelligent discoveries that are currently taking place.

Once you follow Futurism on Instagram, you’ll be treated to the amazing things that AI has given the world. One of the best examples that they give is the story of the first 3D-printed human heart. Plus, they would share wild theories about the purpose of life, electromagnetic stimuli for the brain, etc. 


With Instagram now garnering over one billion monthly active users, so it’s no wonder that technology (especially AI) already has a sub-community of its own. Plus, it seems that this community is going nowhere any time soon, since technological advancements are more apparent in this age of technology. 

So, we hope that you can discover and connect with these 8 Instagrammers on AI and machine learning. Rubik’s Code also has an Instagram account – follow us at @rubiks_code.

Thank you for reading!

Kristin Herman

Kristin Herman


Kristin Herman is a writer and editor at UK Writings and Academized. She is also a contributing writer for numerous online magazines and blogs, such as Essayroo. As a tech enthusiast, she blogs about the latest trends in technology and Instagram.