When people search for information over search engines such as Google or Yahoo, there are pages generated for every query (abbreviated as SERPs), from which Internet surfers get to choose the option that gives them the best information on what they are looking for. Studies show that the top 1 position in Google SERP enjoys around 30% of all the traffic and the only way to get to the first position is through what is known as search engine optimization, or simply SEO.

Appearing on the first few results is what is often referred to as ranking high on search engines, and there is no other way of achieving that without the use of SEO, unless the paid ads. However, you may not be able to reach as many people as there are in your target market without a strategic approach and a consistent one for that matter. How would it feel if your site received millions of web visitors on a monthly basis, and they kept on coming back? Well, the truth is, let no one tell you that achieving that is an easy task that can be done in a day or few for that matter.

Even with a professional SEO agency assisting you, the strategy still prevails. It may involve a few complex tasks; including some GYI tasks as well those such as social media marketing, content marketing and PPC campaigns if you’d rather go for quicker results. If achieving high ranks for your site and getting huge traffic inflow matters to you (which it should), here are some pointers you should note down today, and start planning to actualize.

Know Your Content

The value you give to your web visitors, information about your business and products revolves around content. As a matter of fact, the entire concept of SEO would not be if it were not for content. What your post to your audience and target customers matter a lot when it comes to your business performance at the end of the day. Effective content for increasing business exposure needs to first have the right and relevant keywords for easier detection by search engines.

However, it should also be created with the user in mind, observing correctness, uniqueness, relevance, and freshness is crucial. To even rank you better and higher for even more recognition and brand exposure, your content needs to be linked with authority sites and should be original, if at all you don’t want problems with Google and other web regulators. Having plagiarized content on your site is a No, No in business, and so remember to be sure of checking well on the reputation and track records of the people you have to do your web content, articles and other material that will be published on your business site.  Good content for business SEO is catchy and interesting and should be a solution provider to your readers. Good content is baked with brief explanations of Meta description tags, title tags, images and most importantly, main and related keywords for particular topics. Good content is diversified in its format and ranger from article and infographics to .pdf whitepapers and videos.

How Is Your Website Designed?

Among the most important SEO aspects that tend to be overlooked by some, is site architecture or hierarchy. Finding a professional website designer is one thing, but ensuring that they design the site with an emphasis on the user benefit is completely another. Cross-linking of internal pages should be done in a way such that the user doesn’t have to follow some bunches of clicks just to get a little piece of information, but rather have them navigate through at ease. Using breadcrumbs is the simplest yet still effective even in 2018 idea how to optimize website navigation.

Duplicated content and other content that is of little or no value to the target customer may not do your site any good by remaining in your site, so be sure of getting rid of that or utilizing Canonical attribute. Also, creating a sitemap can help ease the user experience by simplifying navigation? An effective website design also involves how the menus are placed and how easy it is to locate content without having to strain. An intuitive design offers quality to the user. There is another case study conducted by Moz a while back, and the findings were that upon repolishing site design along with some minimal internal changes to content, there was a whopping 520% in visitor traffic increase.

Site Speed and Navigability to Suit SEO

The other thing to focus on and eliminate is the rate of bounces from your site if you don’t want to sabotage your SEO efforts. If users can’t spend significant time on your site, it appears to search engines as if there is a lapse in site quality and therefore your rankings are significantly affected. A major cause for this is often poor site design, especially when it comes to website speed of loading and processing data. When having a professional web designer do a site architecture for you, choose a customer focused individual or SEO agency who understands the meaning of experiential and user-friendly interface. Have speed checks conducted regularly for your site and try as much as possible to simplify navigation for your users, perhaps by cutting down on the unnecessary linkage that makes visitors stay long without locating their intended information or content.

A professional may also need to do minor on-page changes, such as working on the preloaded CSS code or having the on-page images resized so that loading becomes faster and more convenient for users. The other thing to look at is the web hosting plan you are subscribed to or update your host to tackle bandwidth issues.

SEO for Better Business Exposure Is Not Hard

At times, SEO may look like landing on the moon, or sound to others as if it is rocket science. The truth of the matter, however, is that this is not the case. Simply follow the above tips, and research on a few more and little by little you will build trustworthy relations with Google. The most significant fruits that you will easily achieve are high rankings, more traffic, better sales conversions and client retention in higher rates as well as the achievement of your goals in business.

David Morales – 15 years overall experience in Marketing and Sales, last 8 years in Digital Marketing, eCommerce. Master Business Administration (MBA, 2004), Bachelor of Computer Science, Certified Professional in Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), e-mail Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC), Google Analytics, AdWords Search, Marketing Automation.