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Google Search Processing Algorithms – Simplified

When people search for information over search engines such as Google or Yahoo, there are pages generated for every query (abbreviated as SERPs), from which Internet surfers get to choose the option that gives them the best information on what…

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Philosophy as Motivational Tool for Software Crafters Series

Developing software is not that hard. Especially today, when we have fast processors, many gigabytes of RAM memory and all the fancy tools in the world that help us write and maintain code. The software is everywhere, too. From our cars, telephones, home appliances, and watches, to electrical plants, medical equipment, factories and even light bulbs, everything has some piece of code running somewhere in it.

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Pomodoro Technique – the Good, the Bad and the Tomato

Countless articles, self-help books and general discussions have been written in an attempt to shed more light on the ways in which one’s productivity can be increased. In my opinion, there is no one solution for every person in the…