Finding a good candidate for your company’s opening can be very difficult. In addition to this, you have to spend a lot of money to train new hires. If you pick the wrong person, there is a risk that you’re going to waste capital. Business owners need to go above and beyond to choose the highest quality employees possible. The utilization of Artificial Intelligent for recruitment purposes isn’t popular yet. Nevertheless, this trend is going to explode at some point. AI has been around for many years but few recruiters have taken advantage of it. More than 75% of recruiters believe that AI can have a somewhat significant impact on the recruiting process. AI can be used for pre-employment assessments, view interviews, and so much more. Within this guide, readers will learn more about the ways AI can help streamline recruitment procedures.

Are you afraid that AI might take your job? Make sure you are the one who is building it.


Automating Sourcing

Before you can search for talent, you need to find sources and start building a pipeline. This means that you’ll need to compile a list of social media networks, job boards, and other websites. This can be difficult and very time-consuming. Recent developments in artificial intelligence allow recruiters to automated the sourcing procedure. In addition to this, you’ll be able to use AI to extend your reach and find more people. Depending on the technology used, it may be possible to analyze 300 million or more social profiles. This is more than a small army of people can achieve. Sourcing automation technology can speed up this time-consuming procedure. You can also use this technology to deliver personalized messages to candidates in your pipeline to ensure that they remain engaged at all times.

Rediscovering Candidates

When you have so many candidates to study, there is a good chance that a good candidate is going to be ignored. You might skip over one of these individuals. This can be problematic because you’re going to lose the greatest employee you could’ve had. Those candidates are likely in your pipeline but they’ve been left behind. Certain AI technologies can help screen your current candidate pool. Then, it’ll pick strong candidates from the past. You can even look for promising profiles that have been forgotten for several months. When you need to rediscover past candidates, AI technology can help.

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Matching Candidates

Ultimately, one of the most intriguing aspects of AI use for recruitment is matching candidates. Employee learning and development can be very helpful for this purpose. Using L&D programs is a good way to identify employees that match your company’s needs. You can use this technology to look for candidates containing certain characteristics. In addition to this, you can control the way your content is delivered to your employees.

AI technology can be optimized to understand the jobs and type of content your job candidates are interested in. For instance, you will be able to track someone’s behavior on your website. Then, you can send them a customized message based on their interests. This is a good way to match candidates with the most relevant content. Patrick Algrim, career expert at said, “Nearly 50% of recruiters will disregard a candidate if they don’t send a thank-you note.” AI can help identify candidates that have sent thank-you notes so you can focus on those people.


As you know, employee referrals are often the best workers. You’ll always want to hire employees referred by your current workers. This is very helpful because internally referred workers tend to stick around longer and perform better. You’ll want to use AI technology to identify the top passive talent in your workforce. You can use this technology to automatically engage certain employees to refer the top talent.

Referred new hires tend to be a better fit because they’re more productive and less likely to flee. Using AI to encourage referrals from the right people guarantees that you’ll be able to hire the best workers.

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NLP – Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing has been used by employers for many years but it still has a long way to go. More needs to be done to provide employees with the best recruitment tools. Natural language processing is an effective way to analyze text. This means that you’ll be able to search for keywords to pinpoint the best resumes. All businesses should be using natural language processing techniques during the hiring process. Using NLP is a good way to achieve proper resume classification and so much more.

Once you’ve used NLP technology, you can focus on the best candidates and avoid those that likely aren’t worth your time.

Analyzing Facial Expression

You’ll need to interview potential candidates at some point. To do that, you need to use in-person or video interviews. During your interviews, you should try to analyze the candidate’s facial expressions. This is very important because it can help you determine how a person feels about certain topics. You can also use this technology to understand someone’s energy and how they present themselves. During the interview, AI technology will be able to capture a person’s mood and study their personality.

Facial recognition is a hot-button topic but it is still worth checking out. Using AI-based facial recognition in your recruitment procedure can make a big difference. It’ll help you lift the lid and find out what your candidates are really thinking.

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Minimizes Hiring Time

Artificial Intelligence has also been shown to minimize traditional hiring time. Unlike the traditional employment process that takes weeks, AI speeds up the entire process by at least a week. In some cases, the hiring time has been reduced to only a few days thanks to AI.

If you are a business owner, you understand the time that goes into the pre-employment and employment processes. The process is not necessarily drawn out, it is just how it works. Reducing hiring time also reduces the total amount of money spent on the entire process.

How does AI minimize the hiring time? It does it through the resume screening process. Human resource workers spend days sifting through job resumes to find acceptable candidates. You would be surprised by the large number of resumes submitted to a single job position. Unfortunately, many of these resumes do not consist of the much-needed skills to fill the position. The only way to know is to go through them one by one, which is exactly what human resource workers do.

With AI, human resource workers can screen up to 100 resumes simultaneously. If you believe this is not necessary, it is when millions of unemployed workers are applying for just about every position available in their areas.

By reducing the resume screening, human resources can move forward to the hiring process, which is why many businesses are turning to AI.

Get First Access To The Job Candidates

When unemployed and employed job seekers apply for jobs, they generally do not stop at one. In many cases, job seekers will not stop at one job application because they know their odds of getting hired are extremely low. This is why they always double up on their job applications, applying for every job available. While this is great and all, human resources are left dealing with thousands of applicants for each available job position. This is very unfortunate because many of the applicants belong to unsuitable jobseekers.

With AI, your company will gain access to the most qualified job applicants before your competitors. How is this possible? Well, think about it like this, while your competitors are screening resumes, you will be ready to start hiring.

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Challenges Of Using AI For Recruiting Purposes

Ultimately, using AI for recruiting is very beneficial. Nevertheless, it may not be right for all businesses. The issue is that AI requires massive amounts of data. To properly mimic human intelligence, AI needs a lot of data. Before AI can screen resumes as effectively as a human recruiter, it will need time and data.

It is also important to understand that AI may learn human biases. This is very dangerous since your biases may translate to the AI and this could remove good candidates from your candidate pool.

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Are you afraid that AI might take your job? Make sure you are the one who is building it.


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